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Sturridge back in light training

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I have to ask you again about your former side Liverpool, obviously back in the Champions League this year. Do you think they’ve got good chances going into the Champions League?

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Song Ji Hyo with Kim Woo Bin
Backstage CF for Sam Sung This is living in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Gary expressing himself on stage the epitome of coolness. Songjihyo laughing and surprised. Ep 45

Monday Couple was given an assignment to express themselves through dance or actions. Songjihyo looked awkward and shy here while Gary as a rapper who can dance quite well was confident. She needed to interact with Gary to do it well. Ep 45 

Jang Hyuk said he’d never seen an actress like Songjihyo who responds so quickly. He said she is only one in world. Jisukjin said that’s her attractiveness. Well she is a lady who behaves like a guy doing something that some guys can’t like boxing, bungee jumping, breaking tiles with her fist…. Ep 45.

Kimjongkook going for a mission and need to gather other team members. He’s wearing a Liverpool Football Club windbreaker in Ep 45. Nice to know a fellow fan

What’s Songjihyo doing during the mission to look for guests in Ep 44? She was sleeping and playing video games and was eliminated before she finished the video game. Well she carried on playing the game. She has her lazy days

When Songjihyo teamed up with Haroro, Gary was there to disrupt them. So many hilarious incidents Ep 43 


Animals Waving Hello to You [boredpanda]

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