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Ace Songjihyo the golden girl schemed her way through and won the finale episode 73

Songjihyo was in a super protective mood pulling a blur Gary from the ‘bad’ guys as he was totally clueless as he woke up late. The last part was funny as Songjihyo took out his cap and discovered his hair dyed white. Haroro and Songjihyo thought he’s the white hair Mr Cheong in the clue. Ep 73

StevieG scores 10th Merseyside goal. This is far from over. You have not seen the last of me. Don’t count me out.


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Songjihyo wasn’t prepared when she complained Gary copied her fashion. Gary put his finger to her lips in Ep 27. Watch her face reactions from surprise, to thinking what this, to finally understanding and laughing

The only guy who can’t take his eyes off Songjihyo is Gary in Ep 71

After spending a good part of show as a team with Gary, Jihyo hugged him before leaving as the individual battle starts. The other part of video show Jihyo with Gary and leaving with him. They seemed inseparable in episode 70

Korean variety show 1st tandem bungee jump by Yoojaesuk and Sonyejin in Ep 70. Yejin was having fun but Jaesuk was terrified but he had the prescence of mind to roll the cameras

Poor Haroro suffered so many blows from Yoo inyoung while acting Ep 213

Mondaycouple watching Choi YeoJin and Leekwangsoo model on the car Ep 213

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