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An awkward ‘forced’ date between Songjihyo and Gary arranged by team ep 10

Songjihyo shyness to be left alone with Gary is so sweet ep 10

Songjihyo rejected Gary help. The team put Gary and Jihyo together. Gary jokes about their age difference. ep 10


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Ice Bucket Challenge - football players (p.1)

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Gary say Songjihyo is best in love! She has lovely eyes. Everyone was caught by surprise when he first said this in ep 8. Gary later waited kindly for her to finish the eggs drink to give her time. He was in opposing team. The first shoots of Monday Couple

Songjihyo reply to Kanggary ‘dear’ or ‘honey’ a more intimate expression between couple caught Gary and Yoojaesuk by surprise ep 209

Ace Songjihyo incredible winning 4 consecutive sequence was nearly spoiled by cheating which Leekwangsoo (he knows a cheat) detected ep 209

The 1st image of #mondaycouple accidentally snapped in #runningman ep 3

The 1st image of #mondaycouple accidentally snapped in #runningman ep 3

Team asking Songjihyo her ideal partners amongst cast in ep 5

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